Jamie Slone

Jamie has been making wine with the help of several different winemakers in Santa Barbara County for the last eight years. Jamie is meticulous about, vineyards, clones, when to pick the fruit, co-fermentation and more. He credits his wife Kym for her highly sensitive and far reaching palate. Together they style the wine, (new oak, stainless, neutral and blending for the wines that appies to.) Jamie says, "it's a evolving adventure for sure and we make a great team!"

Jamie and Kym are on the front lines in the tasting room with the guests on a daily basis and also take many trips to other wine regions in both the United States but also around the world, gathering inspiration and knowledge to bring back home.


Before wine, Jamie had a successful career in the radio industry as the General Manager and then part owner of five radio stations in Tucson, Arizona. He then spent six years in real estate with fractional ownership of vacaction homes located ocean front in Puerto Penansco, Mexico and a golfing community in Northern Arizona. The passions continued... and a life long desire to race cars professionally began in 2005 and lasted for an eight year stretch.  His home ractrack was Sonoma and voila... his passion and desire to make wine was born. Today guests get to experience a very diverse portfolio of award winning wines from Santa Barbara County that club members love and guest rave about. Elegant, approachable, balanced and representive of the terroir in which they elvove from. Enjoy!

Excellent place to stop by in downtown Santa Barbara! Jamie and Kym were great hosts and truly vested in their wines - we really enjoyed our visit and would highly recommend!
Denver, CO