Chocolats du CaliBressan

Chocolates Du Cali Bressan

Chocolats du CaliBressan features Chef Jean-Michel Carre, The French Chocolatier of The American Riviera.

Jean-Michel’s experience and creative culinary skills have earned him many world-wide accolades in magazines, brochures, and traveling guides, including “Rick Steves,” and the well known French tour guide, “Michelin Vert.”

Chocolates Du Cali Bressan

“Le CaliBressan,” created in 1996 by Jean-Michel and Jill while in France, boasts clients from many European countries, the United States (including Alaska and Hawaii), and Canada.

Jill, missing her native California, has returned with Jean-Michel to share their wonderful talents in “tempting your taste buds” with confectionery delights expressing a true joie de vivre!

Bon Appetit!

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